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Our development Relief Project in Nepal

The Lila-Radhika Humanitarian Intercultural Senior Center (LIRA House) in Nepal helps dependent and dying people and their families in a culturally sensitive way.

The Nepalese health care system is completely inadequate: there is one doctor for every 5,000 inhabitants, and one dentist for more than 80,000 inhabitants – outpatient care and aftercare are inadequate and usually only accessible to the wealthy. LIRA HOUSE was founded in 2013 and has the mission to enable seniors to spend their retirement in dignity and self-determination.

Regardless of social status, wealth, caste, religion, relationship, gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, the home provides residential care for approximately 120 seniors. In addition, up to 100 seniors are to be cared for daily in a day care facility. In this way, pressure is to be taken off families who hardly have the opportunity to care for their relatives in the family circle.

Our projects take up initiatives in Nepal and support people to change their lives positively and sustainably by their own efforts. This work is based on helping people to help themselves and, above all, encourages the elderly and those in need of assistance to organize their twilight years in dignity, freedom and health.

We also see our task as eliminating the causes of poverty and injustice. We do this together with our partner organizations in Nepal, because they know the problems of their home country best. Together we develop solutions for our projects, for which we are looking for donors from all over the world.


With the project of a center for the elderly we pursue the following goals:

Grow old happily
Family relief
Training of nurses
Dignified dying


Costs, participation and donation basis

The project has been calculated at 1.2 million euros for the purchase of the land, construction and furnishings. The costs are to be financed with donations, funds from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development and a loan.

Negotiations are currently underway with the city of Kathmandu, which supports the project, for the free transfer or purchase of a plot of land.

You too can help to allow people to live a dignified life again: