LIRA House Nepal

Fascination Nepal – A travelogue

At the end of 2018, members, volunteers and staff of the HVD Berlin-Brandenburg went on an educational trip to Nepal. The choice fell on the small country located on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, because the association has been involved in a social project in Nepal for some time. Traveling to a foreign country […]

“The birth of the idea of Lila-Radhika Niwas (LIRA HOUSE).”

Needs in today’s world A few years ago I lost my parents. During the mourning period, I suffered from the loss because I had a very close and good relationship with them. They were very socially minded and always convinced me how important social commitment is. To follow their path I thought a lot about […]

Project for Children „Door to the future for children”

LIRA HOUSE supported the children’s art seminar “Door to the Future for Children”, which took place in Nepal from January 5 to 7, 2016. There were 8 participants, seven of them were from different cultures and regions of Nepal. They receive learning materials and school clothing until the 12th grade. This project was an opportunity […]